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#Case Study 1 – Goal: Increase Profit with Digital Platform

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How We Transform SAAS Business Nothing To 1 Crore Profit(INR)

Pleatform We used SEO | Paid Marketing | Social Media Marketing

We started working on SAAS company in the year 2019, Jan, and the website were hacked; at that time, the SAAS industry client pitched us to work on their website, and we gave solutions for redesigning the website after the SEO was good enough to boost their business.

The SAAS industry client has agreed with us, and they have given us to redesign the website. First, we removed all the unwanted junked files from their website, and after we built page by page from scratch, we did not use any elementor because it would affect the website speed, and we made it with HTML and CSS code the whole website.

SAAS indusrty Ranking details in top 2 position

Once we have completed 10 paged we did start working on SEO(Search engine optimization) and we have seen their are lots of competitors who has already funding to their business and we analyzed the competitors website too after analyzing the competitor we started on this industry and got ranked more than 50 keywords on top 5 position within the 2 months.

And after 2 month before completion of 3 months we have got 10 keywords in top 10 position which will you can check on below mentioned image. We have started generating leads from organic methods with the use of SEO and the SAAS client was surprise with us they started converting their leads into their conversions and got more than 10% conversion rate becasue of quality of leads.

He start with us to expand their business with the helpp of other organic method than we have given the solution to the client about the otehr platform like’s linkedin and other social media platform, We have started the work on same and given him the leads from linkedin and other socail media also. within a year we have expand the SAAS industry from nothing to 30 lakh revenue where the 90% of profit SAAS industry clients getting.

How Traffic and Leads Boosted of SAAS industry

After we started working on different organic keywords for targeting different categories of software that the SAAS industry clients provide to their customers, surprisingly, we got ranked in first position becasue of our hard work and contribution from the industry client end.

SAAS client was pleased with our service, and after we started working on apid marketing too, where we gave given to the client no. of leads From SEO and paid marketing too in the year 2021, the client generated more than 1 Crore Profit(INR) which we have started from nothing.

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